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WORK 4 A LIVING Online Courses

Our online courses are divided into Foundational and Level 2 courses. You have to complete one of the Foundational courses before doing any Level 2 course.

You are welcome to purchase and do a Foundational course on your own, but we would prefer to add you to a facilitated group in your area, to complete the course together. In our opinion, a facilitated group is the best training model, as it allows experiential learning that is not gained by just studying the information.

Please contact us at to sign up for a group. Please note that we limit the groups to 10 – 15 students, so there may be a waiting list in certain areas, but we will slot you in as soon as we can.

If you have already been added to a facilitated group, or would like to do a Foundational course on your own, please select your course below.

Courses are also presented in other languages. Click on the relevant link below:

Foundational Courses

Our Foundational Course program is a prerequisite to the Level 2 Courses. Please complete at least one of the Foundational Courses before selecting a Level 2 Course.



If any of the following are true for you, this will be a great course to take: You don't know what you spend your money on each month. You have no money at month-end and you don't know why. You have so much debt that you cannot manage it. You want to learn to invest your money wisely.

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A global business bootcamp that teaches you to start and grow a business. Topics covered in this course include, but are not limited to: sales, starting your business, product development, costing and record-keeping, stock control, market analysis, growing your business, break-even point, marketing, merchandising, customer service, wealth planning and more.

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Level 2 Courses



This Course guides candidates through the basics of the profession, outlining the role of the event planner, the fundamentals of event planning, and the basics of effective event budgeting and marketing. This course can help prepare you for a rewarding career in the industry. This is a growing industry, and it means that with the right knowledge and skills, you can look forward to many job opportunities.

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This course will introduce you to the basic components of office administration and how to use the knowledge in an office environment. Employers require their employees to have basic office administration skills as it is a vital component of most positions in any company.

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This course will introduce you to the basic components of using a computer and how to use this avenue in advancing your future. Good computer skills are a particularly important skill to have in any business and are essential for most employees today. The popular desktop operating system is Windows and being able to use Microsoft Office and the internet are all practical skills required for performance in the workplace.

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Parenting shapes a generation. A healthy approach to raising children has the power to transform society at its core. This course offers parents practical handles on how to raise children. It will guide the mother or father through some key principles that can impact their family for good.

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