present a course


present our courses as a facilitator

WORK 4 A LIVING is geared towards getting people working! Our courses work optimally when presented in a group setting with a facilitator.* 

To be trained as a facilitator takes a week to 10 days depending on the course you are being trained to present. 

Our facilitator training is available online and involves being equipped to present in a way that gets the best results –
people’s lives changed and people working!

  1. To be trained as a WIRED 4 Business Facilitator see below.
  2. Online W4AL Job Readiness Facilitator Training to follow soon.
  3. Online SMART Finance Facilitator Training to follow soon.

WIRED 4 Business Facilitator Training

For more information and to start the process click on the relevant link below.

* If you are interested in partnering with us, please note that our courses are based on a Biblical worldview and discipleship model. These are non-negotiable, key factors to our success, hence you would need to be willing to explore a partnership with us on this basis.